Ghost's of Tennessee High School

The Tennessee High School in Bristol is a haunted place, which is not an uncommon thing for a school to be. In fact, schools and colleges seem to attract spirits, often in the form of deceased teachers, maintenance workers and even former students. Tennessee High School doesn't have just one ghost however... it boasts three. The school was originally built in 1939 and called Fifth Street School. A new addition was built behind the school in the mid-1970's and a few years later, the vocational wing and a hall were added. It is in the older, original portion of the building where the first, and most famous, ghost actually appears.


Her name, according to the students, is "Agnes" and she was supposed to have been killed at the school during an affair called "class night". This was a formal event when Junior students were officially promoted to the Senior Class and the Seniors were given a last farewell from the school. The next morning, Agnes was found dead in the school's swimming pool and ever since, she has shown up in the old section of the building. Students and staff members have heard her footsteps in the hallways and have glimpsed a girl in a white dress passing along the corridor. Even after the hallways were carpeted and her footsteps were no longer heard, maintenance workers still feel her presence in the building at night.

Ghostly athlete

Another ghost is that of a former athlete who was run down by a car while walking home from a game one night. His spirit has returned to the school and students have reported seeing and encountering him while attending games in the Field House.

Ghost Train

The other ghost of the high school is not that of a person, but a thing. In fact, it is a phantom train that is said to emerge from the gymnasium and blast noisily along the hallway. The sound was so loud that the hallways and rooms would shake as it passed! No one knows where this ghost train may have come from but it has been suggested that perhaps that portion of the school may have once rested along an old rail line at some point. Perhaps this train is simply repeating the same run that it made many years ago......

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