Ghostly experiences- Unknown location

I have always seen or at least felt other presences since I can remember. Some are good, some bad. When I was 7 my mom, new stepdad, and 3 younger brothers moved into a big two story house. my first night there, I awoke at 2 a.m. to go to the restroom. Once there I heard voices all around me telling me I was evil and to kill myself or they would. Frightened, I ran to my room. I noticed the closet light on ( to high for me to reach even on a chair) and I saw a young girl holding hands with her mother. I knew that they were mother and daughter and that they would protect me. The mom gestured for me to come and I hid in the closet with them and played with the little girl. This happened every night and while I told my mom and she couldn't figure out how the light kept going on she didn't beleive me. One day as I was getting ready to walk down the stairs my mom started to come up. I went into a trance and fell down to the cement landing. My mom was hysterical when I woke up cuz she said the man pushed me. My stepdad thought we were both nuts but mom was scared. Every night something new happened. I felt safe and unafraid cuz I had the mom and daughter. The final straw for my family was on christmas. My stepdad was in the basement looking for the star when he found an old, solid cement elfen santa. It had chipped paint and the meanest expression on its face. My dad, with my uncle, and grandpa hauled it up from the basement and put it next to the tree. My mom, grandma and I wanted it out but the men thought it was funny. That night, I had to sleep with my brother cuz my grandparents had my room. I knew the mom and daughter could only go in my room so I was scared. I eventually fell asleep only to wake up again at 2. I woke up cuz my little brother peed on I was about to get out of bed to change and go to moms room when I saw a huge shadow on the door illuminated by the night light. I saw a pointy hat and assumed it was santa but my heart was pounding and my palms were sweaty. As I stared the shadow got smaller and smaller and an evil laugh permeated the air. My mind finally realized what it was when the elfin creature said it's time to die. I then heard giggles and laughter and the elfin thing let out a mad howl and said shut up shut up over and over. By this time the whole house was awake and came running down the hall. My mom's scream is permanetly etched in my brain and it is the only time I have seen my father afraid. There at my brothers door was the elf santa with a buther knife in its cement hand and its face frozen in a howl of rage. My stepdad, grandfather, and uncle took it and threw it and smashed it with hammers and screwdrivers until it was bits. The next day we moved out. I believe the little girl and her mother saved my life, but I think I also saved their afterlife. I have gone by that house and in it repeatedly over the years and I have yet to feel their presence. I only hope they are happy. Sorry I was so long winded, and I hope you don't think I am crazy. By the way, when I moved out and my parents moved again, she told me I could come over but if I felt or saw anything to keep it to myself. She and her family used to have strange phenomenas but not to the extent that I do and it scares her. Thank you for listening.

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