The Bar Ghost-WI

This is the true story of an elderly woman (52). Every night this woman would wear her best clothes as if it were Sunday and she were going to a church service along with her most glamorous jewelry to the Inn Between Local Bar. No one knew why she did this, in fact no one knew anything about her. She rarely talked and when she did it was to order her drink. One night she was walking to her car when she was violently beaten and stabbed to death by some thieves whom were after her costly jewelry.

The next night as the bar owner Mick Folly was alone and cleaning up and putting away, he saw the balls on the pool table to slowly move..... eventually it became faster and faster until they flew off the table. In a state of shock Mick ran out of the bar as fast as he could, he drove out of there never to return. Soon a local girl bought the bar from Mick. The day she went to the bar she noticed it was different, for instance, no matter how high she turned on the heater there was always a chill in the air, she also sensed that she was never alone along with strange creeks and whines. She just kept telling herself that it was just her imagination.

One day a big party came to the bar. One of them brought up the "Cooky Jeweled Lady" then hell broke loose. The lights began to flicker, then went out, the music stopped and all the alcohol containers shattered. Everyone froze and an ear splitting scream rang through out the room. Everyone bolted for the door. Since that night no one has set foot near the tavern.


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