Haunted Deaf School- Delavan,WI

This is a true story that has taken place over the years in Delavan, WI. Along time ago when the Wisconsin School for the Deaf was built, there was also a dorm built with it. Many of the students stayed in the dorm room. One year a young boy (9 yrs.) caught Leukemia and later died in the dorm room.

Over the years many people have come in contact with the little boy's spirit. He has been heard riding his bicycle upstairs in the attic. He has also been seen and heard walking down the stairs of the old dorm. A woman and her friend were asked to clean out the attic of the building. The attic door was padlocked from the outside and so after they opened the door they went into the attic and as she was cleaning things out she could feel someone watching her she began to feel a draft even though none of the windows were opened, so she looked out the window and saw a white glare in the window which appeared to be the face of a young boy looking in the window this was enough to send her running, so the woman and her friend ran down the stairs and relocked the attic and after that day the attic was not opened again. The dorm was recently rebuilt and there were no more experiences.

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