Oija Board- WI

One night I had a few friends sleep over, and we decided to play the Oija Board. (This Oija board was quite old and was wooden). we began to play and we contacted a spirit by the name of Christine. we began talking to her and asking her questions. She seemed friendly enough and answered our questions quite politely. I then asked what I suspect must have been a question quite personal. (I questioned her about how she died). She began to spin the hand piece of the Oija board in circles, spelling out "IT WAS YOU, I KNOW IT, IT WAS YOU!" We all became very frieghtened, because there was no question about this being real, for we had all taken our hands off the piece and there was nothing that possibly could have been moving it. All of a suuden the piece stopped in mid sentence, my nerves began to settle enough for me to put it away, and I bent down to do so, thinking it was finished. Without warning the piece flew off the board, hitting me full speed across the face. I only received small bruises on my face, but I was emotionally scarred for I refuse to look at any Oija Boards, let alone play them.

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