Night Noises-Erie, PA

In the summer of 1994 my parents divorced. So I moved with my dad in a trailer outside of the city. The first couple of nights were alright. At that time I was reading a lot of Anne Rice novels. I usd always sleep with a fan on at night just because it would help me fall asleep quicker. For some reason that summer I decided not to sleep with the fan on. (big mistake) For weeks I would wake up to the sound of someone walking across the rug. (I had an ugly red shag carpet that would stain your white socks pink)I would get up and look around and nobody would be there. Finally I would go to sleep.This kept going on so I asked my dad who lived here before. He told me an elderly man who was widowed. I asked if the old woman died here and he said no, it was a hospital. One night I was reading my novel and started to doze off. I was awakended by a cold wind brush across my face. I heard those noises on the rug again even louder than before. I got up turned on the light and of course nothing, again. Finally, I told my sister. She gave me some sage to burn. She said, "This will purify the air." So I burned it in my room and it worked. Whatever this entity was, was no more. (in my room at least.) I wasn't scared of it I was just mad because I wanted to get some sleep. I used to get "encounters" at times when I was a little girl. Since I moved out of my dads I haven't had any. Which is fine by me.

By: Paula of Erie, PA

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