The Screaming Bridge, Zionsville, IN

All thought I can not say that I have personally experienced the phenomenon told of this site I can say that it is quite a spooky place to visit anyway (and the mind plays great tricks!!)

North of Indianapolis, IN near the town of Zionsville off HW 231 (Michigan Road) there is a small off street to your left, that escapes my memory right now. Far along the road you will find a small off road that will tell you that the bridge is out and that there is no trespassing. depending on the time of year you amy find other signs that have been posted ( typically around hallo'ween, to the nature of "haunted, stay away!" "Enter at own risk!" ect). upon walking a couple hundred yards down the dirt road you will find an old wrot iron bridge that is terribly rusted and seems hardly crossable.

The story is that one night, I believe in the 1920's there was a young woman who gave birth to a child out of wedlock. He father, ready to disown his daughter or worse, told her to take the infant into the woods and leave it there to die. The young woman came across the bridge and instead of dropping the child into the river chose to rap the child against the cold, and hanged herself from the bridge.

The story is that on certain nights, or at certain times (Hallo'ween, midnight, full moons ect). The sound of the woman screaming and the child wailing can be heard.

Doubt it or not this is cite that should be checked out, ask anyone who has been in Indy or Zville for any amount of time and they will tell you where to go.


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