Haunted Apartment- Clarksville, Tn

My story comes from Clarksville, Tn. I had just moved out of my mothers house and my boyfriend and I gotten an apartment downtown. It was my first day at the place and we were still moving our belongings in. It was getting dark so my boyfriend left to make one last run to his parents house to get his things. I was there alone cleaning the house. I went upstairs to vacuume. Even though I was vacuuming, I could clearly hear the sound of someone comming up the stairs. I went downstairs to see if anyone was there and there wasn't. I went upstairs to continue my vacuuming and I heard the sound again. I thought it was my boyfriend so I called out his name and no one answered. I went back down the stairs again and checked the whole apartment hoping to find my boyfriend hiding from me to try to play some cruel prank on me and scare me. So I looked outside to see if his truck was out there and it wasn't. It was clear that he wan't back yet. Thinking the sounds were my immagination I went back upstairs to finish vacuuming and I heard the sound again. This time I just kept on vacuuming and didn't look to see who it was. My back was facing the doorway of the bedroom that I was in so I only faintly saw what was behind me. I heard the footsteps come closer and then suddonley stop right behindme. I took a look from the corner of my eye and I could see a figure standing behind me. He had a short and stocky build and was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. I definatly thought it was my boyfriend because he fits this exact description.

I turned around to say," hey what took you so long to get back". But before I could get the words I stood there in shock as I watched a faint figure almost evaporate out of the bedroom doorway. I didn't see his face or his body after I had turned around. I only saw the faint almost vapor like appearance of the back of a mans head and it had sandy blonde colored hair. I screamed and grabbed the phone while making my way out the front door in a mad dash. I called my boyfriend on his cell phone from out side,( I was not going back in that place,) and told him to come home quick. When he returned I told him what had happend. He didn't beleive me and still doens't. I've had other things happen too. Once my boyfriend left me at home one night by myself because he had to work third shift. I had just crawled into my bed and I heard the most oddest sound comming frome downstairs. It sounded like somebody was wadding up Newspapers or something. I couldn't quite make out exacltly what it sounding like that was being wadded up. The sound would come and go for about five minutes or so and then it stopped. I didn't even go downstairs to look. I just pulled the covers over my head and layed there in dead silence hoping to see morning soon. There have been many times I have been in the house alone getting ready for work or for my classes and I hear someone walking around downstairs, just pacing the livingroom back and forth. I'm not that much afraid of this ghost or whatever he is anymore. I guess I'm used to him. I think he just wants me to know that he's around. I just wish he would do these things when my boyfriends around. Because my boyfriends starting to think I'm nuts.

Thanks for reading my story


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