A night at my friends- Unknown location

I was spending the night with a friend about three years ago. We were always talking about how her house was haunted. That night just after midnight, I think, I was sitting on the floor and she was on her couch, we were just talking. All of the sudden I had this feeling that something was outside on the porch. I jumped up on the couch and she asked me what was wrong with me. My eyes were filling with tears and I asked her if she felt something. She sat there for a minute and she started to get the same feeling. I was terrified however it wasn't my first encounter. I knew the entity had entered the house. My friend became entranced watching it move around the room. I couldn't see it, but some how I knew exactly what he looked like. When I described him to my friend she asked me if I was sure I couldn't see him. I really hadn't. He didn't like me and was very evil and dark. He came after me quite a few times and when he felt weak he would leave to regain his strength and return. He tried to grab me many times and my friend wouldd cover me and speak Jesus' name. I saw me as a child a long time a go and the ghost who had come to me had been my father in that life. He didn't leave until 4 am that morning and we had gotten very little sleep. The next day I went over to the guy who was my boyfriend at the time his house. We had been talking for a while and around dusk I told him I had to go find my friend. He asked me why and i told him that i would tell him on the way, but we had to go now. While trying to find my friend I explained to him what had happened the night before and that I felt the ghost coming for me again. When I finally found my friend we went back to my boyfriend's house. We sat there for a few minutes and then all of the sudden there were four entities in each corner of his room. One was the man from the night before. We turned off the lights and sat in the room for a while scared to death of what was going on. My boyfriend went to ask his mom for some candles and she asked why. We were all sceptical about telling her first but we finally did. She came in his room to try to help us. We sat in acircle and she held a bible. His grandparents came to us to try to help us with the spirits. For that day they went away, but he returned several times after that until I finally started to ignore. That was when he finally went away for good.

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