farewell knock- Unknow location

I am not sure if this is a ghost story but it did happened to me in the late 1990's. I had just recently got married and was living on my husbands reserve in a house that had been in his family for four generations. There were renovations done to the house because the house was made in the early 60's. When we moved in the floor plan was radically different from original plans.

We had lived in the house for sometime when I started noticing little things that made a person pause. A good example would be the front bay window was seen from the kitchen,living room and main hallway that lead to the bedrooms and when you looked into the direction of the window you were able to see in all three areas. Whenever you looked into the window you sometimes seen people either in the kitchen or going out a door area that was sealed off in the new plans and wall put up. Or like in all relationships whenever my husband and I were arguing about something a knocking would start from one end of the room and intesify to were we would be standing and it would stop when we would notice the knocking or stopped arguing.

Well since I was left in the house by myself alot when my husband was working I noticed a lot of peculiar things but to bring it up to my husband and his family they would just say that the house had a lot of history and not to worry because whatever was in the house wont hurt me. That was easy for them to say because they rarely stayed in the house with me.

Ever since I was a child I had the ability to sense things and was really lucky that my family understood and explained to me that this was a gift. I always knew when someone in my family was going to pass or be hurt because I could hear ppl talking who were not in the room and sometimes when they wanted to get my attention they would touch me. I dont know if this was a guardian angel or something else but could be quite destressing to me at times.

One night in the house I was locking up and checking all animals were in the house for the night. I went to shut and lock the front doors. One door was a screen and the other was a steel door with a bolt. I stood on the porch holding the screen door while calling for the pets. They came in and I proceeded to shut the screen door then the steel door. As I was locking the doors where my hand had rested a firm knock was felt on the other side of the door. I paused because I knew there was no one coming to house when I was standing outside so I wondered who it could be. As all these thoughts were running through my head I noticed my cats were staring at the door and making pitful cries. I was about to open the door when a breeze went through me and I just froze and felt my hair standing up. Whatever was at the door I was not going to open to find out. Then I smelled a very light scent of roses and it was so distinctive that I recognized my grandmothers talcum powder she loved to wear.

Needless to say I was not going to stick around and find out what was going to happen next. I dont think my feet every touched the ground when I rushed into my husband and I's bedroom. I jumped up over him which in it self is quite the feat to achieve since the bed itself is high and my husband is a very large man and I am very tiny in stature. I landed behind him trying to dig myself under his body which he thought I was being funny until he noticed that I was pale and really cold and clammy. He asked me what was wrong and I told him what I experienced. To try and soothe my fears he went to check to see if there was someone at the door or in our house. There was no one but the pets and they were following us from room to room looking like they were put in the dryer. All three cats were looked like they were being electricuted. Finally my husband and I settled down and the cats sleeped with us they would leave the room.

A couple days later I was talking to my mom who lived in another part of the province. She told me that my grandmother had passed away. This grandmother was my fathers mother who had raised me when I was really young. Because of her age I was taken away and she never saw me again. I was told years later she would pull the photo albums out of me and would wait every night by the window of her house hoping that I would come home to her. I never did and when I realized that she had passed away the night that this had occurred I knew she found me and was checking to see if I was happy and okay.

These past few years now and then I will smell a hint of roses in the different homes that I have lived in and I always say hello to my grandmother......I know she is watching over me and sometimes she will warn me about things but that is another story for another time.

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