Ghost in my room-Illinois

I'm fourteen years old. In my life, I had many different ghostly experiences. When I was two years old my grandmother passed away. She had a chance to say good-bye to everyone except me. Anyway, one night I stood in the middle of the stairway and talked to me. I cannot remember what I said or what she said, but my parents said that I said that I will take care of the family and be good.

Another ghostly appearance happened a year ago. I was in my bed sleeping when I suddenly woke up. When I woke up, I saw a ghostly figure standing by the doorway. The figure was a greenish-blue human shape figure. I sat in my bed for about a minute watching the figure move. I suddenly grabbed my TV controller and turned on my TV The figure disappeared slowly, but before it disappeared it looked at me and vanished. Its face was of an elderly person's face. After my experience, I told my mom about the ghost appearance.

Another one was a few years back. I was in my room alone playing with my dolls. When my old broken clock suddenly turned on by itself. I freaked out and ran down stairs screaming. My clock turned on twice by itself again a few days later.

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