The Tools- Parker, Colorado

Hi I have a story that will make your bones chill. See there are tools in my garage that are assumed to be haunted. Ever sense my grand parent cleaned out their storage and left a chest of tool in our garage weird and freaky thing have happened. To start the person how owned it was named Fred. I know that doesn't sound freaky but I have a Ouija board and the person who haunts that is a guy named Fred. Anyway my mom and I were in the garage waiting for my dad to come outside and of course it was dark and the car door was open and we heard rattling coming from were they were. That was pretty scary! But it doesn't stop there, my room is right above the garage and at night I here pounding then I hear my dogs cry like someone had hurt them. It also doesn't stop there the very first day we got them my dad was seeing what kind of tool were in the chest. So my dad opened it and turned around to get something and turned back around and some of the tools were laying on the ground. So he put it back and it happened again, Thank for making such a great page to tell our storys.

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