The Nasty Looking Man And The Little Girl- Unknown location

I have always been a wierd child but my story begins recently. First of all I would like to add my story is true and nothing else added. I belive in god and things like this should not be made up. One morning around 8:30 I awoke suddenly. I saw the nastiest looking man that you could ever see. He was nealing on the floor he had the blackest eyes that I have ever seen, rotten teeth, black hair, dirty clothing. He looked at me and fear shot through my body it looked like he was moving his arms as I raised my head a bit I could see a little girl sitting on my daughters bed (I thought it was my daughter and we had an intruder in the house. I looked back at the man and he disappeared right before my eyes the sun was shinning bright through the window. The little girl was not my daughter. She had a white beautiful dress on her hair was shoulder length with waves in it. She looked so sad I was not afraid of her (my little girl was in the same bed that this girl was sitting on) I woke my husband up to see if he could see her but he couldn't. I called out to her... (little girl what's your name) but she just sat there she didn't move. I was getting up out of the bed to see if she would talk to me. Then she just disappeared. I checked on my daughter and she was sleeping. I told my whole family they think I am nuts because I have alot of experiances like this one. Maybe I am crazy, but honest to the lord this story is 100% true.

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