Haunted house- Florida

Hello, My name is Jade and I am 16 yrs old. My home in Florida is haunted and has been for 3 yrs. It started when I got a Ouija Board for Christmas one yr. Within a few nights my friend, " Chrissy " and myself played w/the board. While on it she was told that her mother was going to die. Normally she got really upset, so, we got off for awhile. Later she wanted to get back on the board. She asked him,"Do u swear what you said earlier was true?" He replied, "No, I don't swear." She then asked," Well, do u promise ?" He replied,"No I don't promise either." So she then asked,"Well what do you do ?" And he replied," I lie." That is when I realized I might have a problem. Since then I have been harrassed multible times by an unseen assailent. I will not give you the long drawn out version of what has happened to me. I will simply list the things that I have experienced. 1.) My friend was, I guess possessed in some way. She was not herself after we played "Light as a Feather". She knew nothing of herself and what she did know sounded like she got it from an outside source. 2.) I have had a dispozable razor fly at me while in the shower. Another razor flew out of the shower as did a Vo5 hotoil hair treatment bottle. 3.) A message was written on my shower curtain. It was as if the person was standing in the shower when they wrote it. The message was , " H-E-A". I don't know what it means but I think he was going to write more but i noticed it to soon. 4.) I have had a lamp come on by command. A light bulb was shot out of a lamp. I have had my hair pulled and I have been poked while in the car. My radio has turned on and turned to a different station. There has been a ton of other things happen here but, there is too many things to list here. But one thing I am sure of is that my house is haunted

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