sewer scare colorado,auraura

this happened to me a little while ago.this is how it and my friends and my brother went into the sewers for a bravery had recently snowed and the sewer was over filling a bit but we decided to continue.this is the lay out of the sewer.first its a line until you get to a ladder.i had just finished climbing up it and helping my friend up. all of a sudden we heard some one friend dropped his flashlight and it broke.being the only one up there,i almost fell head first down the 10 foot drop.i turned around and saw a guy standing there with a knife.his face was all bloody and he said to me come over here and ill cut your head off.of course i was terified and immedietly jumped down all the way.10 feet may not seem very big to you but it felt like an eternity while i was falling.when i landed i heared a scream and all of the water had turned to blood.i turned when i heard a splash to find the same guy saying if we ever come back hell chop off all are legs and leave use to die. ive never been in that sewer again but plan to go back.this is a true story

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