My friend's story- Wayne county, Ohio

I have several stories about the house I used to live in on the edge of Wayne County Ohio. I am very interested in ghost stories because of my experiences there, but my stories (with the exception of one, which I will save for another day) are are similar to most of the stories I have heard. I have a friend, however who has a story that continues for years and I have not heard of anything like it before, it is worth sharing. It all started when we were in highschool. She, and I will call her Jane to protect her, started dating a new guy who just moved to our district from out of state. I will call him Rob. Rob and Jane got really serious, serious enough for Jane to stay at Rob's house into the wee hours. His house was a very old farm house that his parents rented from the farmer that still used the land. There was a pond on the property also. Rob and his family heard sounds in the attic, things that sounded like doors shutting and footsteps, and at first they dismissed them as sounds of a shifting house. But the longer they lived there, the more they began to feel like they were not alone. One night while Rob was working out in a finished room in the basement, he called Jane in a panic because although he was completely alone, he could hear figiting going on upstairs. Footsteps, pounding and distinct unfimiliar voices yelling at each other. It was so loud that Jane could actually hear them through the phone. Rob left that night, and it was the start of many instances to come. Shortly after, Jane went to visit Rob and she got to his house before he got home. His mother was on her way to work and she told Jane to be sure to close the windows if it began to rain. After ROb's mother left, sure enough it started raining, and as Jane headed for the stairs, she saw a girl, almost her height, weight and hair color moving up the steps ahead of her. Jane said that it was like seeing herself go up the stairs! She wasnt afraid, because she said that seeing her made her feel almost comforted. So she went upstairs and the girl was gone, but all the windows were shut! Several nights Rob would wake up and see the girl standing at his bedside, and in his half sleep would think it was Jane. He would call to her and she would walk out of the room not to be seen. He didnt say anything to his parents because he wasnt sure if he was imagining it, because the girl looked so much like Jane. Until he came home to his mother painting a picture on the wall of a girl and a child. The girl his mother was painting was the girl Rob had seen in the house. When he asked his mother what she was doing, she said that the image of this girl and little boy would not leave her mind and she felt that by painting them, she would be able to stop thinking about them. She said she had seen both of them in the house and she too thought the girl was Jane. Shortly after the painting, Rob saw the child in the closet of the guest bedroom, hiding from something. Jane and Rob decided to do some research on the house and discovered that the original owner of the house had a daughter who had gotten pregnant at a young age. The daughter drowned in the pond on the land, suicide? We dont know. Rob and Jane broke up over five years ago. Rob's parents still live in the house, but he lives out of state. When he comes to visit, he stays in his old bed room. Jane also moved out of state. What is amazing is that about three years ago, Jane was sleeping in the room of her newly built home when she awoke to see a figure almost leaping out of a poster on her wall twards her. She got really scared and ran to the living room and crashed on the couch for the rest of the night. THe next day, Rob called her to tell her that he had been visiting his parents and had seen the girl again, this time with the boy by his bedside and when he sat up they didnt leave the room like they usually do. It made him very uneasy, and he said all he could think about was Jane. He said that he woke up and saw all of this at 2:00 am. Jane was flabergasted, because the vision she had seen was at almost the same time (given time zones). For some reason, these spirits wanted her to be there.

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