The Bishops palace -Galveston Texas

my friends and i went on a trip to Glaveston island today for spring break, while there we decided to go into whats called the bishops palace its a manor where a family lived until the catholic church bought it for the bishops family to live in. They say its still haunted by the family that was forced to give it up. we didnt have any money for the tour so we decided to go in through the back when we thought no one was looking we went in through the door (fortunatly it was unlocked) and found ourselves in a room that was closed to the public we couldnt get into the main tour area through the door it was locked so we turned around to go back through the other door when we did a young girl our age was standing by the back door we had just come through she just stared at us she was dressed in a victorian style clothing the style of the manor no sooner than we tried to turn and run did she vanish, the room suddenly went ice cold needless to say we found the nearest exit and went screaming towards the shore, when we got there we told someone what had happened and they told us that theres a legend that says when the people were forced to leave the little girl hid because she didnt want to leave and they couldnt find her a week later they found her body in a corner she was dead they didnt know how she died though. she was only 17 or 16 its sad but shes still there i think she thought that we would get locked in there like she did she was just trying to help us get out we were still terrified though.


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