Janice's Ghost Stories- New Hampshire

Hi ,, i have several ghost stories,, that have happen to me and my family members .. in 1986 i was crossing the yard and just for some reason look across the yard and when i did there was a figure of a man standing there ,, when i looked at it the figure went behind my mothers house.. i believe it was a man that i dated that had past away ,, i moved away when we were dateing due to a violent relationship he always told me that he would find me no matter where i went ,,and i believe that he came to see me on his passing ,, sense then there have been many sightings ,, my son died from cancer in 1989,, and when he died i put a hankie in the casket with him of the perfume that i always wore,, so that he would always remember me, i sometimes when your sitting in a room there is a very strong svent of the perfume it kinda startles you and goes as fast as it came ..even though no one had any perfume on,, my husband has walked into a room where toys would drop to the floor .. my children have seen figures walking in the hallway at night ,, i have seen white flashes run past me in the hallway .. these things dont really scare you but take you by surprise,,when i have been sleeping i can feel a heavyness that comes over me it seems to start at my feet and work its way up.. i cant move during this ,, i know its unusall but weather its something or someone laying on me ,, i just lay there till it goes way,, i thought one time i was gona fight when it started and it was like a knife stabbing me in the stomache so now i just lay there and it goes away when its done. y husbands aunt was in a bad accedent a few years ago and when he was getting ready for work early in the morn he looked out the window and there was an angle floating .. he aunt was fine but had to have many surgeries to fix broken bones and probably very easly died from this ..so anyways these things go on in my house all the time i have tons of stories .. its hard to put them in order,, but the most recent is my adopted son bobby was here for feb vacation and was sleeping at my mothers house (she is in florida) he was sleeping in her bed and saw something out of the corner of his euye , when he turned and look there was a white figure standing there and then it went in the other room.. the next night he slept there he didnt see anything ,, but then the next night he was in bed and he felt something stareing at him he look and there was the figure of a man again but closer to him this time .. im not sure who this man is ,, is he my X boyfriend or a gauedian angle that watches over us,, but he doesnt scare me,, if you want to ask me questions you can e-mail me jdou@ttlc.net .. thanks for letting me share some of my stories ,, janice from NH ..

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