The Ghost Dog- Dover:Delaware

I used to work at a Bob Evens in Dover, Delawere sometime in 98....My mother managed the resteraunt and was transferred to maryland were we are located now. I did not want to move untill the school year was finished... so i managed to stay with my mothers best freind lara... most of the time..i had to walk to work..and back on the weekends i worked... one night, i maganed to get home early because the resteraunt was dead in terms of buisness... as i had been walking home..i took a short cut threw some train tracks like i always had was about 9 pm and pitch black... the tracks were aklmost a mile long before i took a turn to Lara's house....but as i finished with the tracks..i herd Pitter Pattering behind me...i turned around and saw in the distance a black dog..with what looked to be some sort of kite attached to him...the dog ran right by me into the street straight into a car.....the dog vanished,and the cars driver stopped dead to see a horrible site... alas he saw nothing.... i ran to him and said what happened and we both sat there and talked about it for about 30 minutes. in the end..we exchanged numbers and decided to meet the next day were this ahppened.. so the next day came, and i waited for the guy.i had told him to meet me at 6 pm... he never i decided to ask around myself..after 2 hours of asking around and no clues what so ever..i began to walk i did...i came to the tracks and took one last look...i glanced at my watch and i promised to be home around 8:30... i was already late... and then i began to think...i thought about staying there untill 9 pm to see if i could see anything again... sure enough..9 o clock comes...and so does this eery black dog with a kite or what ever he runs out into the street..into the same guy as before...the guy stops..i again ran into him and said.."Did u do this on purpose to scare me?" the guy said huh?...who are u." and drove off... i have gone back to the tracks several times then..and watched this...the guy came everytime and hit the dog ... how ever when i visited it 2 months ago..the dog was still around at the same time everynight..but the guy wasnt there...and the dog would disapear anyway.

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