Face in the Window:Saskatchewan, Canada

I have 2 stories to tell...nobody used to believe my stories when I used to tell them because I was 6 years old at the time and who believes these type of stories from a little kid? As I got older then these stories became credible... When I was 6 my family moved to another little town in Saskatchewan and for a little while we had to live with my grandmother until we found a place of our own. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my grandmother was telling my mom that at times she would smell a strong smell of lilacs in her kitchen. I guess this was a hint that this place was haunted. Unfortunatedly I can't give all the details of the goings on at this house, but I can only give my account of what happened to me. Late one night I happened to wake up when everyone was sound asleep. That kind of situation alone used to freak me out because I never used to like being the only one up late at night. Anyway because of our cramped living conditions I was placed at the foot of grandma's bed on a fold away cot. The cot itself was not a thick mattress. As I lay there, hoping I'd fall asleep quick, I felt something slowly and deliberately poke my back from underneath the mattress. and then slowly ease the pressure off my back. I tell you I never felt my heart beat so hard as it did right then. I didn't dare move nor did I dare look under the bed to see "what" poked me. Over and over all that went through my mind was, "Gotta get to sleep, gotta get to sleep..." and you know what? I did go sleep. I think the shock of it all helped me conk right out. Finally, I think after a month of living with grandma, we found a place of our own. I can't recall anything paranormal happening there but just one more incident of my own that I'll never forget. I can even draw from memory of what I seen. My mother had a particularly hard time putting me to bed this one night because the visitors we had over were all having a good time telling stories and joking aound. I just wanted to be there. Finally I made my mom mad and she sent me to bed and let me know that she was not fooling around anymore. I cried and cried as I went to my room (I know...I was being quite bratty ), as I got to my room, I looked at the window which was beside my bed, I noticed a shape of a face. Instead of backing away or running, the fear which I was feeling pulled me closer to get a better look at this face in the window. The face was flat-looking like a drawing on paper, white but transparent because I could see the street lights through it and the smile it had was purely (brace yourself) demonic. Imagine me crying the whole time, even as I was pulled closer to this face from fear, and as I got a good look at what was in my window, I went into hysterics. My mom came running to see what was the problem. She calmed me down and then had me look at the window, which I think we could all guess next at, the face wasn't there. I took me many years to get over my fear windows that aren't properly covered. These are true accounts and the stories will never change nor alter nor have they ever from the time I began to tell people from the tender age of 6.

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