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Dune State Park - The naked ghost of Diana of the Dunes have been reported over many years in the Dunes state park. The apparition is of a real person. Alice Mable Gray who lived on the Lake Michigan shore line from 1915 till 1925. Alice was the daughter of a prominent Physician, and graduated from the University of Chicago with honors, but family problems made her take refuge at the Indiana dunes, where she had spent many years as a child. In 1920, she met a drifter named Paul Wilson, together they lived in a shack near the beach. She died February 11, 1926 of Urimic Poisoning caused by massive blows to her abdomen from her estranged husband who was a major suspect in that violent crime, and many other violent crimes that occurred in that area. Since then, Alice Mable Gray's ghost has been seen swimming naked in Lake Michigan over the years, and has been sighted floating near the trees by her old house, and has a yearly festival called Diana of the Dunes named after her. (Located in Gary Indiana, between Miller and Michigan City. Alice Gray is buried in Oak Lawn Cemetery in Gary.)