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Mind Sharing a Dream?:NYC

Here is another Story from Grace, thank you so much for the stories Grace

One night, like many others, My best friend was staying with me at my mother's house (this was b-4 I moved in with my boyfriend). We wanted to stay up late, being that we did not have to work the next day, so we decided to "camp" out in the living room. This would be convenient for us because this is where we kept the largest selection of entertainment, i.e. playstation games and movies. Anyway, we had a long day behind us and at around 2 am, we decide to open the futon, and she ended up loosing the war against sleep. I stayed up watching TV, but soon gave into slumber land about half an hour later.

About an hour or so later, I opened my eyes to see what was the cause of my disturbance. I had heard some shuffling in the foyer, right next to the kitchen. Thinking it was my brother out for a midnight snack, and wanting to curse him out for being noisy, I suddenly realized that there were two children; a boy and girl, both about 4 yrs old, running from the foyer, towards my mom's room. They stopped right in front of her door. Then, as if this wasn't enough for my shot out nerves, I saw through my peripheral vision, the figure of a young man of whom I have had many a recurring dream of. He knelt down next to me and whispered in my ear "well, go on, page her" (I guess he was referring to my best friend, yet I do not know what "page her" means). At this moment, I thought "ok, either he/it goes away, or I'll have a heart attack". I wanted to turn over and shake my best friend awake, but then, my brain went "what the f*#!" I was not able to move a muscle in my body, but I saw my best friend jolt up in bed as if awakened by a bad dream. She turned over to me and began to shake me. I simply looked at her as if she was crazy, although I now think that I was the one going retarded, because just then I remember jumping as if out of my own skin and letting out a scream. My best friend asked me if I had a bad dream and I told her I was not sure, because I could have sworn I had been awake. She said "are you kidding, you should've seen how hard it was for me to wake you". I told her this was impossible, for I had seen her shaking me, yet I did not understand my inability to move. Just then I began to tell her my dream and as I was talking, she bean to tremble, and looked as if she were going to cry. Before I got a chance to finish relating my dream, I asked her what was wrong. With a shaky voice, she replied, "this is not happening", and then proceeded to finish telling me the exact same events which took place in my dream. Only difference was that when she saw the man kneel next to me, she got angry at the fact that he did not have any good intentions, and somehow managed to break free from that "freeze". You see, if I would have finished telling her my dream, and then she would have said that she had the same one, I probably would have not believed her. But I never finished telling her, she finished it for me!

Ever since the first day we met, my best friend and I have had this weird connection with each other. 90% of the time, that I think of her, or vice versa, we call each other right on cue. I'm sure everybody has somebody with who they connect, but sometimes, when you click like we do, you can't help but wonder who or what has brought you together,... or wants to keep you apart. So my advice to you is: if you've got a best friend, keep her/him, for you never know when you might need the support that only a best friend can give!

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