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Ghostly Entities : NYC

My name is Grace, and I have always been very interested in ghost stories. My very first horror flick was "Dracula", with Christopher Lee (although my favorite now is starring Bela Lugosi). I am 22 years old and reside in NYC. I have been checking out your web page and want to tell you I think It's wickedly cool! Anyway, I was reading along, and noticed in two of your stories, some people have had somewhat the same feeling I did, and I need some help in trying to understand it myself. Please read my story and see what you think...

It all began when I was a kid; my mom had divorced my dad and moved on with her life. She met a good man -or so we thought. I was three yrs old, going on four. When my mom was around, he was a good man, but when she wasn't, oh boy! He would come into my bedroom and tell me in a scary voice that in the night, while I slept, a man would come to me and take out my eyes. Being that my mom's room was connected to mine like in those fancy hotel suites, he would run from their door to my door, making sure that I only had access to my mom's room and my own room, but not the outside. Later on in the year, my mom gave birth to my little brother, and as she came home early one day she found my step dad beating me with a belt, because I had told him I hated him. Needless to say, she packed up our things and we moved out. As time went on I found out that he was keeping a whole bunch of "dark side" stuff in our basement.

Now, I am grown and so is my brother. We never talk about what we found in the basement and I believe it's better if he doesn't find out. But here is the part I need help with: Ever since then, I have been having these feelings of another presence around me. Sometimes It feels so strong, I could swear it is about to let itself be seen. And it is more than one! The first one frightens me. I live with my boyfriend now and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and find myself unable to move a single muscle in my body (this is when the presence feels strongest). I try hard as I might, yet I cannot even utter a single sound, meanwhile, my insides are screaming. Eventually I end up falling back asleep, or breaking free and catching my breath.

The second presence I "saw" or thought I did was one day I stayed home from work because I did not feel well. My boyfriend went to work, therefore I was alone. I was napping in the afternoon, and as I shifted from one side of the bed to the other, I caught a glimpse of this dark haired young man standing by my bed looking straight at me! At first, I dismissed it, thinking to myself, "how sweet, my baby (boyfriend) is looking out for me while I sleep". Almost instantly I jolted out of bed, trying to explain to my panic-stricken brain that it was impossible for my "bf" to be home when he was still at work. By this time, whatever/whoever had been there was now gone. But you see, this time I did not feel threatened, this is why I figure it is two different "people".

I have not seen anything science then, but sometimes whether I am alone or not, I can feel "something" lingering. I've told very few people about this. Some say it is my step dad's restless spirit, unhappy that I was the reason for my mom's leaving, and the good presence is my own dad trying to protect me. What adds more to this is that they died twelve years ago. I do not know what to make of this. All I know is that these middle of the night/sometimes in the day "freeze" moments are scaring me to hell. If you or anyone can give me feedback please do so.

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