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The Happenings: Northern Virginia

I live in Northern Virginia. I live in a ordinary house with no deaths or crimes that ever happened in my house, but there are weird things going on . . .

It all started when I was about 13. I started to notice when I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to get in the shower before school my t.v. (which i keep on most nights) would be on a different channel. I didn't pay much mine to this though. Then I would turn my light off to my bedroom or the bathroom and when I went back to my room/bathroom the lights would be back on. Or like when I am laying in my bed at night almost asleep I will here strange noises on the other side of my room. I eventually told my mom about this but she was skeptical and to tell you the truth didn't believe me. And just today (12/6/99) I was writing mail on AOL I looked over for a second and when I looked back at the screen and there were more sentences there then I had put. I called my friend, who was out in the den watching t.v., in the computer room and told her what had happened. Like my mom she didn't really believe me. But I know that there is something lurking in my house. Another time I was looking for a cd I had recently gotten and I could not find it ANYWHERE. I cleaned every last inch of my room and I even got my dad to move my bed and I still couldn't find it. A couple of months later (While nobody was home but me) I found it on my cd rack where it had been before it disappeared. It had NOT been there a couple of minutes ago, though. To this day there is still something in my house and I still don't know what it is . . . . .


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