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Encounter on a Country Road: Oklahoma

One summer night by boyfriend and I were driving a Plymouth Sport Fury car down a gravel country road at night. We were driving to his house at around 11:30 at night. We were having a terrible argument and I began to cry as we both yelled back and forth. My boyfriend became even more upset and he stopped the car in the middle of the road and walked off aways to calm down. Meanwhile I was left in the car crying. It was really spooky out on this dirt road. There were no street lights and it was pitch black. There was tall brush on my side of the car that completely blocked the view of the field behind it. On the drivers side of the care there was a field that was full of corn so you couldnt see very far in that direction. As a matter of fact it was so dark you could hardly seen from one end of the car to the other. I became really upset and got out of the car crying and yelling Terry where are you? boo hoo hoo I cried and yelled again. Somewhere up ahead I heard Terry in a very serious and calm voice say Mary I am over here, come here quickly. I began to stumble down the gravel road towards his voice all the while crying loudly. When I finally could see Terry he was standing in the road facing the brush side of the field. He reached out to me and said I am sorry for the argument, but you must be quiet....Listen. I sniffed and then I heard it too. Terry looked very worried and I was puzzled. I said " It sounds like a kitten in the brush over their crying. It was making a sort of ewwww sound. I said let me go see. Terry grabbed my arm and said "that's no kitten." I was really puzzled now. Terry is a 6'1 guy with huge shoulders and large muscles. Until this moment I had never seen him afraid of anything. "Mary, what ever that is it followed you from the car. When you got out crying it came from somewhere in that field that we can see. It was drawn towards your crying. As I stood there listening to the ewwing noises, it suddenly changed pitch. The noise now sound almost bat like and it sounded like it was becoming agitated. The longer we stood their the angrier it sounded. It seemed mad that it hadn't been able to lure me into the brush. Terry then said, "slowly start walking with me back towards the car. Don't run and try not to act like you are afraid." Now Terry has lived out in the middle of Oklahoma on his farm since he was born. He knows everything that lives in the wild around there. I said, "Terry what is making that noise?" Terry continued to walk briskly towards the car that was still pretty far away from us. He replied that he had absolutely no idea but that it was "right". As we walked towards the car the sound followed us. It seemed to increase in volume and was really almost roaring at us. Still it was a strange sound not like any animal or person I have ever heard. What really scared me was it was just a little bit behind us moving through the dense brush and yet it didnt make a sound in the brush. The only sound was the noise it made. Finally we got to the car. Terry said get in quick. Now I wanted to get in on the drivers side of the car as that was the farthest away from the rapidly approaching sound. But Terry said we didn't have time to just jump in. It took alot of courage to move to my side of the car with the ditch next to me and the brush so tall. We jumped in the car and Terry floored the car. Right as we took off there was a loud thud by my head right behind the window. It sounded like something had hit the side of the car right by the window. I began to yell what was that? Terry tell me what that was? Your messing with me you know what it was? Terry looked at me with a very strange look and swore he had no idea what that was but he knew it was evil. He drove down the country road a little further and then stopped the car. I didn't like this idea at all. But Terry insisted that he wanted to check the car. I was so creeped out by now that I was sure something would run out of the dark and grab us. Terry yelled out to me Mary come look at this. When I got out and looked at the car the metal logo on the side of the car by my window, the one that said Sport Fury, had been completely pulled off the car..... Something had attacked the car as we drove off and pulled the words right out of the metal of the car. Terry and I talked about it for a long time but we never could figure out just what that sound was....

Jayz note: This one has really got me stumped, I think it it sounds like a Banshee but i have never heard of one trying to attack anyone before. If Anyone has any Ideas please feel free to write me at


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