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Ghostly Mailing list
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Planned Revisions

There should be plenty once it's all said and done with. Here's some of the most pressing:

  • Tighten general HTML code on each page, i.e. making sure each .gif has a size element defined, etc. Trying to keep the chat room from crashing LOL
  • Put up more STORIES (ahem) I try to about every week or so
  • Make significant additions to the Links page, including links to several nice folks who are now linked to me.
  • Possibly put up a ghostly glossary. ( Done )
  • Assume my rightful place as Lord of the Universe and All Alternate Planes ... Oh, wait. Sorry. That's a personal goal, not a page revision! ;-)

Fun Feed Back Form ;-)

Hey, gang! It's a NEW fun form to send me some quick feedback! Bring the kids and call the neighbors, but just fill the darned thing out, okay? :-)

Well Let me Know whacha think!

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1) How would you rate this web site, from 1 to 10?:

2) You are faced with an evil, vicious ghost that wants to suck out your soul. What do you do?

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4. Have you ever seen a ghost?

5. Complete the sentence. Ghosts:

6) How often do you plan to visit my web page?

7) Please enter your general comments here:

Thanks for filling out my feedback form!

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