The White Lady

This is the only what i would call ghostly experience that i have had. When i was 15 we moved into an old 2 story house. Soon after that we started hearing strange things at night mostly the sound of footsteps. This went on for about 6 months, then one night My mom , step dad, brother and me were watching Tv in the living room and a lady came down the steps out of our bed rooms and went out the front door or should i say through the front door. The lady was dressed all in white with long white hair, pale skin and deep wrinkles in her face. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me but all 4 of us had seen her!! I only seen her one time and mom tryed to play it off to keep from scaring me to bad. but when we moved out of the house a few months later mom admited to us that she had seen the lady on several occasions coming down the steps and out the front door. Mom ended up doing some research on the house and it ends up that a lady was stabbed to death in one of the upstairs bedrooms back in the 1930's and that her face had been all cut up which can explain the deep wrinkles in her face.

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