The Squezzer

Well her is one of my stories, I know its taken me long enough to actually type it out but i have been to busy adding other peoples stories to worry about mine. My Story is really strange and i never even thought it was a story untill i read a book by Charles Edwin Price called "More Haunted Tennessee"

My story took place when i was 10 years old. I lived in an old 2 story house in Bristol Va. I was playing with a ball in my bedroom bouncing it aginst the wall and doing what kids do when my ball rolled under my bed so i slid under my bed to get it. I grabbed the Ball and spun around under the bed and when i did i got the surprise of my life, there not even 2 foot away was a small man with a bald head and pointed ears, All i could see was from his chest up and his arms and hands which where really big for the rest of his body. When i seen it i shoot out from under my bed in a hurry LOL and ran and got my mom and she came in and looked under the bed and nothing at all was under there. I never really thought much about this incident untill i read the story about the Squezzer in Charles Edwin Price's book. The story described a little boogey man called the squezzer who was about 2 foot tall bald headed thing with pointed ears and really long arms and big hands. He is supposed to come in to your room at night and then wrap his arms around you and squezze the life out of you.

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