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Frequently asked Questions

Amulet -- A charm worn around the neck in order to bring luck, or ward off evil.

Anti-Christ -- Satan. The enemy of man and God who, according to many religious cultures, will establish a reign of evil on earth which will last fifty years, before being overthrown by the second coming of Christ

Apparition -- A supernatural appearance or image recognizeable ( being familiar ) to the viewer.

Apport -- An object transported through supernatural means.

Astral Body -- The invisible spirit of a person ( or more likely an animal ). See Astral Projection

Astral Plane -- The level of existence through which spirits of the dead first pass. The level in which an astrally projected spirit travels.

Astral Projection -- The seperation of the astral body ( or spirit ) from the physical body. The astral body travels in the astral plane, to places near and far.

Automatic Writing -- The production of written material, by a spirit, through a person, but without conscious control of that person. Often, a person may write pages and pages of words that, upon "awakening", they do not remember writing.

Beelzebub -- One of Satan's cheif lieutenants, considered Satan's "left hand man".

Black Magic -- The practice of conjuring preternatural forces for a specific evil purpose.

Black Mass -- The mass said in honor of Satan at the black witches sabbath, and by Satanists.

Circumambulism -- Ceremonial walking around an object or person to secure protection.

Clairaudience -- The psychic ability to hear sounds and voices, normally not heard by most people.

Clairvoyance -- The psychic ability to see objects, persons, places or events regardless of time or distance.

Conjuring -- The process of calling preternatural forces into aid or action through the use of sorcery or ceremonial black magic. *The process of calling preternatural forces into aid or action through the use of good or evil magick or sorcery.

Curse -- To invoke preternatural forces to cause harm or injury to a person, place or object.

Demon -- An evil entity hostile to humans. A lower level evil spirit working for Lucifer.

Demonic -- Pertaining to or caused by demons.

Demonologist -- Involved in the study of Demonology.

Demonology -- The study of demons, including their characteristics, classification, and effect on mankind.

Devil -- An upper level evil spirit working for Lucifer. ( Beezelbub, among many )

Diabolical -- Pertaining to or caused by a devil.

Discarnate -- Existing outside a physical body.

Disembodied -- A spirit functioning without a body.

Doppleganger or ( Doubleganger ) -- A spirit of a living person, outside the physical body.

Earthbound -- A spirit being trapped to or remain on the earthly plain.

Ectoplasm -- An unknown substance which eminates from the bodies of mediums, correlating to supernatural phenomena.

Elemental -- A lesser spirit bound to the fundamentals of nature ( earth, wind, water, and fire ).

Entity -- A disembodied or preternatural spirit.

Exorcism -- The process of expelling or removing an evil spirit by religious ceremony.

Exorcist -- One who conducts the rights of exorcism.

Fairy -- an elemental spirit considered benign but inclined to mischief.

Ghost -- A supernatural appearance or image not recognizeable to the viewer.

Human Sacrifice -- The ceremonial killing of a person as an offering to an evil spirit for magical purposes.* The ceremonial killing of a person as an offering to an evil spirit for evil magical purposes.

Human Spirit -- The ( earthbound ) spirit of a deceased person.

Incarnate -- Living in a physical body.

Incubus -- A demon which seeks sexual intercourse with a living woman.

Inhuman Spirit -- An entity or spirit of a being that has never lived in the earthly realm.

Levitation -- The raising of a body or object without any physical or visible means.

Lucifer -- Satan, leader of the rebellious angels.

Magic -- The art, science, and practice of producing supernatural effects, causing change to occur in conformity, and controlling events in Nature with will. See Conjuring, Black Magic

Materialization -- The appearence of spirits in material form.

Medium -- A person who makes contact with discarnate or inhuman spirits on the astral plane.

Necromancy -- The practice of conjuring evil spirits.

Necronomicon -- The book of the dead

NeoPagan -- A member, follower or sympathizer of one of the newly formed Pagan religions now spreading throughout the world.

Occult -- Pertaining to the supernatural, that which is beyond the range of natural knowledge.

Ouija Board -- A board consisting of the letters of the alphabet, numbers 1-0, and the words "yes", "no", and "goodbye" which is used as a tool for communicating with spirits.

Out of Body Experience -- Can be done purposefully or unconsciously by a person. See Astral Projection

Parapsychology -- The scientific study of phenomena that natural laws can not explain.

Pentagram -- The magical diagram consisting of a five pointed star which is a representation of man. Considered by occultists to be the most potent means of conjuring spirits.

Phantomania -- An occurence in which the victim is held paralyzed while being subjected to preternatural attack.

Planchette -- The indicator, or pointer used in association with a Ouija Board.

Poltergeist -- From the German meaning, "noisy ghost". Term for a spirit which is associated with the movement of objects and general mishchevous haunting activity.

Possesion -- The state in which a living person is controlled by a foreign, malignant energy.

Precognition -- Knowledge of future events.

Premonition -- A vision of warning of future events.

Preternatural -- Associated with inhuman, demonic, or diabolical spirits or forces.

Psychic -- Dealing with the ability to see, hear, feel and sense beyond the average human ability. A medium.

Psychic Cold -- The cold sensation recieved when a spirit is present, usually having defined boundaries.

Psychic Photograph -- Supernatural or preternatural images appearing on a photograph.

Psychic Research -- The study of psychic phenomena.

Psychokenesis ( PK ) -- The movement of objects without the use of physical means, such as using the mind.

Psychometry -- The ability to acquire knowledge of people, places or objects by touching an object associated with it.

Reincarnation -- The belief that each person possesses a soul which is independant of the body and can be reborn into another body.

Relic -- An item closely associated with a holy persons body or clothing.

Satan -- God's adversary, expelled from heaven for rebelling against God.

Satanic -- Pertaining to Satan.

Satanism -- The worship of Satan.

Sensitive -- A person who possesses psychic powers.

Shaman -- A man or woman who has obtained knowledge of the subtler dimensions of the Earth, usually through periods of alternate states of consciousness.

Shamanism -- The practice of Shamans, usually ritualistic or magical in nature, sometimes religous.

Sorcerer -- A male who has made a pact with the devil in exchange for magical powers.

Sorceress-- A female who has made a pact with the devil in exchange for magical powers.

Sorcery -- The practice of black magic.

Spectre -- A ghost ( unrecognizeable to the viewer ).

Succubus -- A demon which seeks sexual intercourse with living men.

Supernatural -- Activity caused by God or his angels, commonly referred to as to anything outside the bounds of natural laws.

Talisman -- Drawings of various shapes and sizes which have specified purposes of good luck.

Telekinesis -- Telepathic sounds and voices projected to people.

Telepathy -- Psychic communications between individuals.

Teleportation -- Objects moved by supernatural forces.

Voodoo -- Magical practice considered to be a form of black magic but also is considered a religion to some.

Warlock -- An evil witch in search to destroy other witches.

Werewolf -- A person who has been transformed into or has gained wolflike characteristics.

White(Good)Witch -- A man or woman whose practice in witchcraft is soley for good

Wicca -- An ancient witchcraft religion which honor the gods of nature. Wicca means "wise one". *An alternative name for modern Witchcraft; A NeoPagan nature religion with spiritual roots in Shamanism, having one main tenet: the Wiccan Rede.

Wiccan Rede -- A simple and benevolent moral code of Wiccans expressed as follows: "Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfills; An' it harm none, do what ye will.

Witch -- A woman who practices withcraft.

Withcraft -- The practice of performing acts with the aid of a spirit.

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