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Ghost Or Spirit??

People tend to place ghosts and spirits into one broad category. While this may seem acceptable at first glance, there is a whole world of difference between the three. Poltergeists and spirits are very rarely connected with ghosts.


A ghost can best be described as a form of recording, similar to an audio or video tape. There is no life force left; a ghost simply ‘plays’ the same scene over and over. A ghost is simply the residual energy of a person, animal, or even an inanimate object. Usually, if a person has performed a repetitious act for a long period of time, he or she will have left a psychic impression or ‘groove’ in that area. This ‘groove’ may stay in the area long after the person who created it has moved on or died.

This psychic ‘groove’ is very vivid when it is first encountered. The apparition, or recording, appears as if it were real. Clothing and facial features are clearly seen. Perfume or other scents are even noticed. Over time, the ‘groove’, or ghost, will get weaker, but can be recharged under the right circumstances.


A spirit, on the other hand, is the actual living essence, or soul, of a person that has remained after their physical body has died. Spirits usually appear for one of three reasons. First, if a person died suddenly or with little warning, as in the case of a car accident, he or she may not actually realize that they are dead. Second, a person could be confined to this world by an unkept promise made to a loved one. Third, he or she may have some unfinished business, usually pertaining to a loved one. A variation of this reason would be if the person was murdered at an untimely point in their lives.

Spirits, unlike ghosts, can communicate with the living. Usually, if a person frequents a place where the deceased spent much of his or her time, a form of psychic communication can result. Sudden and unexplained feelings of sadness or melancholy are common indications, especially if encountered only in one particular room or area. Another way that a spirit can communicate with the living is through dreams. Although much rarer, a spirit can make itself appear as an apparition or make small items physically move.

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Cathe's Civil War Ghosts

Like the Civil War? If so then you will Love Cathe's Site!!! This site has alot to offer True Ghost Stories, Books, movies, Downloads and even a Civil War trivia contest. Her site is Dedicated to "Henry Thomas Harrison" pictured on the left. He haunts Cathy's house and she has even has pictures of him. His Ghostly picture is in her materialization section he is the "sentry guard".Henry has been with Cathy for a while now and in her own words"he's been with me for a few years and is kind of like my (lifetime, side-kick, Civil War spirit). If you would like to know more about Henry the Go to the Bottom of my links page and take a look =).If you are a Civil War Buff like me then this site is a most SEE..


Jayz Ghost Stories From the Eastern U.S.

Castle of Spirits
This Page has so much to offer, it is full of ghost stories, So what are you waiting for go ahead and take a look =)

Shadowlands Ghosts Page
Shadowlands has a wonderful collection. Everything from the ever-popular stories to (I kid you not) ghostly sound files. Worth checking out and supporting.

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