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Here you will find links to alot of diffrent sites where you can get free stuff or even in some cases make a little money. I have listed these sites under several diffrent catagories "Cash, Contests, Coupons and Samples" I will be adding more catagories as i find them..

Free Cash

Alladvantage is a site i really would recomend to you because i know its not a scam, I have received 4 checks from them so far the first was only $21.85 and the second was for $48.10 my last check was for$102.38!!!!! Not enough to quit working but hey its like free money all you do is surf the web and they show an advertisment at the bottom of your screen..It doesn't cost anything at all to sign up and start making money.
Please make sure that my # FBM-544 is in referrer's ID# box when you sign up.

If you and your friend are on the web at the same time, why not get paid for it. That's right, here you can get paid by the hour just for being on the web with your friends.

All you have to do is refer a friend to this site and you start making easy money. You get paid by the hour for each friend that you refer, each friend they refer and, yet again, each friend they refer. As you can see, the money making possibilities are endless.

This site has developed a unique approach to promotional advertising, combining the power of the Internet, proven print media and a live captive audience. Check it out today for your chance to win their monthly prize drawings.

Are you in dept and see no light at the end of the tunnel? Well now thanks to this site you can cut your interest rates and slash your dept. Let this non-profit organization help you today.

Free Contests

Simply fill out a quick survey and you are on your way to a chance at great prizes such as a Palm III. It couldn't be easier, answer nine quick questions and you are automatically entered. Don't miss out, enter for your chance to win now.

Pot of Gold
Win your pot of gold today thanks to this site. With dozens of free contests, sweepstakes and more, thousands of dollars in cash and prizes are just waiting to be won, maybe by you.

Click here for your chance to win $100 cash. And the best part is you can enter for free each and every day so check back and try often, you never know when it could be your lucky day.

Put a smile on the face of your young one's today with this free kid's bookmark club. Some of the features that this club offers include free contests and activities sure to bring your child hours of fun and entertainment. So sign up now and give your kids something to smile about.

Get in on the ground floor of this revolutionary new sport collectable. Everyone knows how valuable sports cards have become, with some going for as much as half a million dollars! Well now you can display your investment into the future with these fabulous new sports card plaques. Protect and display your collection at the same time with MVP Plaques.

Enter for your chance to win a $500 gift certificate towards vacation property. Simply answer a few quick questions and you this great prize could be yours.

Would you like to win some free applications for your computer? Well if so, give this site a try. Here you can win such applications as FlipViewer Pro, TopDog Web Position Analyzer, Window Washer, FreeSpace, and many more. Don't wait, sign up today and get entered into this free monthly drawing and maximize your computer.

Free Coupons

Coupon Depot
Here you can save on national brand names, get mail-order discounts, refund offers, enter contests and sweepstakes and receive discounts from local businesses, all for free. That is right, at no cost to you, the consumer. Don't throw your money away, check out this site and find out how you can begin saving today.

Deal of Day
Fantastic site that lists the best bargains on the web. Daily updates feature some truly incredible offers. DealTalk message board is a great way to interact with others looking for bargains.

If you travel a lot and frequent a number of hotels and motels, this is a can't miss site for you. Here you will find online coupons for free lodging, redeemable in dozens of states. So give them a look now and get your coupon for a free nights stay.

Free Samples

Are you sick and tired of your hangers not lasting or simply losing or having them stolen all together? End that worry today with these brand new anti-theft hangers that not will not only not be taken or lost, but will also last up to four years. That is ten times longer than normal hangers are. Check this site out today and get your very own free sample in less than a week.

Click here to get your free sample of such products as bags, books, cards, pens or pillboxes and have them delivered to your house as soon as possible.

If you need advice from top notch experts in such matters as money, legal questions, taxes, computer's, insurance, health, your career or in another of a variety of topics offered then this is the site for you. Everyone could use some good advice once in a while, get your here for free.

If you hate paying .33 cents every time you want to mail a letter then this site is for you. Check them out now and receive ten free pre-stamped envelopes that are ready for you to address and mail. These are actual US postal stamps, yours for free. And to top it all off, you will also get a variety of money saving coupons from some of the world's top companies. So take a look at this site now and get you free stamps today.

A top-notch collection of freebie offers featuring contests and sweepstakes, discount coupons, and more. This site specializes in hunting down these amazing offers and bringing them all to you here at one site for your convenience. Take a look and you will see that all their hard work has been well worth while.

Live Aloha!
Get all the information you could ever want about Hawaii totally free, along with a free bumper sticker. Whether you're planning a trip or just interested, this is your source for everything from the weather, people, history, and much, much more.

All you have to do here is submit your favorite "while I am (was) pregnant" recipe or unique "sing to your baby" rhyme and if chosen you will receive an absolutely free t-shirt for your little one.

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