Ghostly ring: Unknown location

When I was about 12 years old I lived with my grandmother and mother and every time my grandmother went on vacation something always happened at our house. Something scary. One year when my grandmother went to Texas for a week, my mother and I were getting ready for bed. It was very late and I decided to stay up a little longer and read a book. It was about 1:AM and I was still reading when suddenly I smelt something burning. My mother must of smelt it too because I could hear her getting up. I got myself up and met her in the hallway. I told her that I was up because I could smell something burning. She said she could smell it too. We went down stairs to check it out and after checking the whole inside of the house we couldn't find anything burning or any smoke. We then decided to go outside and look. All around the house was a thick white smoke that appeared to be just a ring around the whole house. We went back in the house to check again for something burning and as we stood in the kitchen our dishwasher turned on and ran a through a cycle all by itself. My mother and I were so scared that we went back upstairs. I stayed with my mom for about a half an hour and then went back into my own room. I was not even in my room for 2 minutes when both of my shades on my window went up at the same time. That was it for me, I went back in with my mother for the night.
When my grandmother came home from her vacation we told her the story and she laughed and told us it was probably my dead grandfather telling me I was staying up way to late reading on school nights. By the way I was reading the Amitville Horror.

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